About Us

Hey there! We are Neozoon!
A multidiciplinary Team of Designers, Engineers and Marketing specialists, all with startup expertise, located in Munich, Germany. We are connected by our passion for extraordinary, fun-centered, user friendly and responsible products. With our products, we aim to give people a little „Ohh“ moment, a little smile in their everyday life. We aim to make the world a more playful, creative and fun place!

Lukas Heintschel

Founder, designer and engineer. During his studies, he already worked with several startups in the fields of robotics, furniture and wearables. He’s the reason this lamp sucks.

Tim Pfeilschifter

Our marketing and communication specialist with work experience in the fields of innovation management, voice assistent and artifical intelligence. He’s probably responsible for that you’re here right now.

Kilian Klepper

Our electrical engineering mastermind with a lot of hands-on startup experience in the field of electrical-hightech-waterguns. He electrifies the suctioncup and makes Neozoon shine bright.

Interview with the Isola Design Festival

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